The 1st German Hobby Horsing Championship 2024 will take place from September 14-15 in Kalbach near Frankfurt am Main.

The time has finally come! The German hobby horsing community is eagerly preparing for the very first German Hobby Horsing Championships, which will take place on September 14 and 15, 2024 at the Sport- & Freizeitzentrum Kalbach in the Kalbach district of Frankfurt am Main. It is a time of excitement, preparation and anticipation for all participants and fans of the sport.

The German Championships will determine the best of the best in three challenging disciplines: Time Jumping, Style Jumping and Dressage. Each discipline requires a unique combination of precision, timing and elegance.

In addition, there will be open competitions in which international hobby riders are invited to participate.

On offer will be: Canter racing, high jump, dressage with specifications and time jumping.

The qualification tests have been completed and evaluated. In style jumping and dressage, participants were able to be judged by video entries according to predetermined criteria in order to qualify for the championship. Up to 20 participants can now compete in each discipline and age group.

For organizational reasons, we had to compensate for disadvantages in the time jumping. There will now be 21 participants in the U12 time jumping groups, 23 participants in the U15 and 21 qualifiers in the U21.

The invitation to tender for the German Championships and the open competitions can now be downloaded as a PDF file under the following link (see below). This is for information purposes and as a specification booklet, as entries can only be made online via the provider Equi Score. The entries will only be available from: 08.07.2024 after 5 pm.

All qualified hobby riders must register for the respective discipline using a form sent to them by email.

To create a user account on Equi-Score, follow the link below:

To log in to Equi-Score with an existing user account, follow the link below:

The German Hobby Horsing Championships promises not only exciting competitions, but also a fantastic opportunity for fans and spectators to experience the magic of this sport. It will undoubtedly be a weekend full of thrills, emotions and unforgettable moments as the hobby horsemen leap over obstacles, perform elegant dressage figures and fill the atmosphere with their grace and elegance.